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Prediction Machine
Features and Key Benefits

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Prediction Machine’s cutting-edge sports prediction system uses real-time team updates, odds, as well as your betting preferences and tendencies, to give you a tailored experience of suggested plays and bet amounts.

Maximize your bankroll with a model that delivers winning picks every day!

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What Do You Get from Prediction Machine?

With Prediction Machine, you get NFL odds, NBA predictions, MLB picks, college basketball and college football scores. You also get:

Check Daily best bets   Check Custom play amounts for each game
Check Real-time predictions based on odds and lineup changes   Check Team and player projections for each game

Prediction Machine Subscription Pricing Packages




Purchase a one-day pass for as little as 9.99 with no obligations.

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That’s less than $3.34 a day,
with no obligations.

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That’s less than $2.77 a day,
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That’s less than $1.64 a day,
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All subscription features include:

Check Selection of your tailored betting profile
Check Real-time daily best bets
Check Selection of your favorite sportsbook
Check Real-time player projections
Real-time bet analyzer
Check Daily updated plays
Check Real-time power rankings

With Prediction Machine’s real-time betting picks, our sports modeling system is your game-winning play to maximizing your bankroll.

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Sports Data
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We have inside access to an enormous sports data warehouse, providing all the essential inputs necessary in order to build a successful model that improves all season long.

Prediction Machine’s
Best Bets

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If it’s a quick pick you want to make, at least make it an informed one. The tool lays it out directly by showcasing its 10 best bets on the board every day.

Win Rate Improvement
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With Prediction Machine’s recommended play amounts and a profitable win rate, you can be confident where you wish to spend your bank roll.

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Analyzing Information
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Prediction Machine’s model simulates a game 10,000 times with live odds and updates on injuries to get the most accurate and precise predictions for each and every game.

Tailored Experience & Projected Box Scores
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Prediction Machine customers get suggested plays and bet amounts, which are all customized based on their wagering preferences and betting tendencies.

How Prediction Machine
Improves Your Win Rate

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Prediction Machine simulates a game 10,000 times prior to that game being played. The model’s algorithm is being optimized continuously, relying on team and individual stats, projections, weather, injuries and more, to offer the most precise predicted outcomes and customized wager amounts for every game.

2021 NBA Picks Record from Prediction Machine

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Prediction Machine Pricing FAQ


What sports picks does Prediction Machine offer?

Prediction Machine offers expert picks, scores and betting odds for all of the major North American sports leagues and events, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL as well as college football, and college basketball. The Prediction Machine model provides expert betting picks for moneyline bets, point spreads, and totals wagers.

How is Prediction Machine different from other picks services?

Prediction Machine is very much different than the other sports betting pick providing services. Prediction Machine’s simulation model is unparalleled in this space as the tool’s algorithm accounts for real-time sports data and information such as live betting odds, athlete injuries, weather conditions, the flow of a game, and so much more

How do you get started?

If you are looking for access to all of Prediction Machine’s premium sports betting tools, become a member today!
Simply get started by signing up for free, and test drive the service for up to 5 days. That’s two whole weeks of free service. Also, be sure to subscribe to free pick email alerts to maximize your odds.